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Crossword       Across 3. Pediatrics in Ayurveda 4. Daily routine 6. Sleep relaxation 7. Three vital energies Down 1. Unique Constitution 2. Eye Treatment Specialty 5. Breathing technique [...]


Dr Champavathi ENT Article

Imagine not being able to smell the breeze or enjoy a crispy palak pakoda because your nose is blocked, or your tonsils got swollen! Don’t let your [...]

Dr Champavathi ENT Article2022-08-16T11:20:08+00:00

Dr Sharika Article on Hair Care

The most common hair concerns that varsha ritu brings are flakiness, frizz and hair fall. Ayurveda expert Dr Sharika Menon shares some tips about the whys and [...]

Dr Sharika Article on Hair Care2022-08-16T11:22:10+00:00

Varsha Ritucharya for Female Health

How can women take advantage of the best that rainy season has to offer, while keeping monsoon maladies at bay? Read on to know what Ayurveda expert Dr Yamini Agalya [...]

Varsha Ritucharya for Female Health2022-07-20T06:38:21+00:00

Naturopathy for weight loss

There is no one shortcut to losing weight. Hereditary conditions and genes aren’t solely responsible for being overweight. We cannot excuse ourselves from the daily choices that we make in [...]

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Mangala Akka

Back in 1992 when I first visited the Art of Living ashram as my sister worked here, I remember being awed by the mysteries and magic of Ayurveda. A couple [...]

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