Its exam time, and DID YOU KNOW the most important thing for a child’s daily routine
during this time, is that it should NOT change. In the sense, that the child must not change
their normal activities and deal with additional pressure due to examinations. Cramming late
nights during exams or sitting and studying for longer periods of time is proven to be
ineffective for focus and efficiency.

According to Ayurveda here are a few things that can be added to a child’s schedule, during
these demanding days:

  • Use Rasayana Dravyas like Medhya Rasayana, take a teaspoon every day. This
    improves the child’s memory and focus so they can get more done in less time.
    – Use chyawanprash, 1 teaspoon with milk before breakfast. This provides the body
    with vitamins, minerals and is a quick source of nutrition, keeping children energized
    through the day.
  • Use Pachani Rasayana which aids digestion and for everyday wellbeing, Ojasvita
    can serve the purpose
  • Eating fresh homemade food, with healthy servings of rice, wheat, and vegetables.
  •  Inculcate the habit of drinking a glass of milk 1 hour before bedtime. This ensures
    that the child can sleep peacefully.
  • Studying the whole day, can drain the child so practice of yoga nidra in the afternoon
    or at bedtime gives complete relaxation and improves the child’s focus multifold.
  • Regularly practicing pranayama techniques such as Bhramari Pranayama, Sheethali,
    and Sheetakari has great effect on the mind, and reduces stress.
  • Having one hour of physical activity should essentially be a part of every child’s
    routine, whether it’s exam time or not. This physical activity not only serves as a
    conduit for relaxing, but also ensures that children have deep sleep every day.

Indeed, examination time is stressful for both parents and children. But a strong thought that
“we should do our best and leave the rest” can erase this stress completely. The most
important thing is, every child ought to know that exams aren’t a measure of their abilities,
however they are just a testing system.