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Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa

Meru Chikitsa makes you feel better. It works on your body’s alignment, the meridians, the electrical circuits in your body, how it’s all working. Whether it is working properly, is there any mismatch? All of it is attended by Meru Chikitsa. It’s not only for people who are sick, it’s even for healthy people. Healthy ones, they can experience Meru Chikitsa and feel better. What Yoga does to your body and mind, Meru Chikitsa does, in a very subtle manner, to the electrical circuits, the flow of bodily fluids in your body. Like Yoga affects all the seven systems, the muscular and nervous systems; Meru Chikitsa affects your spinal fluid and the nervous system. It also affects the bones, structure and positions. It’s good. You must try it if you have not tried, must try. Because you will feel a difference almost instantaneously.

What is Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa?

Sri Sri Meru Chiktsa literally means, “setting right using the spine”. Meru Chikitsa is an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique involving light touches along the spine. Meru Chikitsa allows us to  relax into our deepest nature which increases awareness, grants access to infinite energy and creates a state of well being; eliminating stress, disease and pain.

Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa Training Program

The Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa program is designed so that students can live the knowledge. Emphasis is placed on experience and practice. We have 5 day modules where fundamental principles are applied. After the 5 day training, students return to the field and practice the knowledge for 1 to 3 months. When they return to the next 5 day training, their level of development and integration of knowledge is assessed.  

The entire Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa Training Program is stretched over approximately 24 months and includes case studies and a final exam program, after which the student can become a certified Meru Chikitsa practitioner. 

What will students experience?

  1. The magic of helping others with Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa sessions upgrades their lives.
  2. How to live an energy rich life in the present moment.
  3. How nature has designed life to heal and evolve.
  4. How to communicate and educate clients to take more responsibility for their well being. 
  5. How to do the exercises associated with the 12 stages of healing.  
  6. How mental/emotional energies are upgraded to deep silence and bliss.
  7. How the body and mind are locked in habit patterns that diminish energy.
  8.     How the subtle energies move in waves in the mind – body complex.
  9.     The difference between  reorganizational  healing which upgrades life and restorative “fix it ” therapies.

Benefits of Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa:

Alternative approach to alleviate  acute and chronic health conditions including serious ailments.

  • Overall improvement in health and well being without side effects.
  • Reduces aches and pains in the body.
  • Improves posture, spinal alignment and flexibility.
  • Improves mind-body connection.
  • Creates more energy and decreases fatigue in the system.
  • Improves emotional and mental health.

Meru Chikitsa improved my posture, I’ve suffered from a poor posture for many years. This was affecting my social life, I did not feel confident, around people. It helped me to get rid of stress which was there in my body. I feel more free, happy, emotionally stable and strong. Being a doctor I recommend meru sessions to everyone

Dr Pranoti Pawar, Meru Chikitsa Practioner

This is something that deals with the real problem. What has been troubling me for years has been addressed in a few days. Almost 80% of pancreatitis has been healed in just two days of Meru Chikitsa.

Mani, Coimbatore

I have started looking at things more positively, I have stopped reacting immediately to situations, what they are doing is simply magical, now I feel more integrated as a person.

Manish ,Delhi

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