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Your consciousness is like the universe.
And the axis of the universe is your spine.

What is Meru Chikitsa?

Meru comes from Merudanda, the Sanskrit word for spine. Chikitsa means treatment. Meru Chikitsa literally means ‘setting right by using the spine’.
Meru Chikitsa, an ancient Ayurvedic form of healing, is based on the theory that diseases originate from nervous malfunctions. Misalignment of the vertebrae leads to crowding of the nerves that branch out from the spinal column. This hampers the supply of the correct amount of energy needed by the organs to function at optimum levels. This reduced supply of energy can lead to malfunction. Restricted movement of energy or prana is the basic reason for the onset of disease.
Meru Chikitsa is unique in that it doesn’t offer a quick fix solution. Instead, it gently nudges the body in the direction of self-healing by releasing blocked energy. This therapy helps restore and balance the vital energy forces of the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – that regulate the physiological equilibrium so that the body, mind and the senses perform at their peak. With light feather touches over the body, and especially over the spine, Meru Chikitsa is the art of penetrating our deepest nature, increasing self-awareness, accessing infinite energy and creating a state of well-being – eliminating stress, pain and disease.

Benefits of Meru Chikitsa therapy

Provides an alternative cure for serious, acute and chronic conditions.
Induces overall improvement in health and well-being.

  • Reduces aches and pains in the body.
  •  Dramatically improves posture, flexibility and spinal alignment.
  •  Energises the system, cuts back fatigue.
  • Boosts emotional and mental health.
  • Enhances vital energy flow.
  •  Upgrades immunity levels.
  • Increases body awareness and enhances the mind body connection
  •  Has no side effects, is completely natural.

The overriding objective of Meru Chikitsa is to uplift the psyche and pump up the quality of life.

Who can opt for Meru Chikitsa therapy?

Meru Chikitsa works on the meridian, the electric circuits of the body and attends to any mismatch. Meru Chikitsa positively impacts spinal fluids, bone structures and bone positions. Everything happens at a very subtle level. It is not just for unhealthy people, but for healthy people as well

Awaken the healer within, sign up for the Optimising Energy Program!

The Optimising Energy Program is powered by Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa. It is specially designed to allow students to actually live the knowledge. Emphasis is placed on experience and practise. Students are trained to perceive different kinds of subtle waves of energy or prana going up the patient’s spine which can release and reorganise the muscles and bones to enable optimum functionality. The program is divided into 8 modules, each module consisting of 5 days, wherein fundamental principles of healing are applied. The entire program is 18 to 24 months with extensive evaluations.

What are the benefits of doing the Optimising Energy Program?

You will realise to the fullest possible extent, that the potent resource of health is within you.

  • You will understand the connection between pain and energy and will be able to use pain as a source of energy!
  •  You will learn ways to optimise energy levels and enhance energy flow.
  •  You will discover that life can be explored from a different perspective and will perceive diseases in terms of frequencies!
  • You will be trained to navigate through the healing process using the inner secrets of your body Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).
  • You will explore the 12 stages of healing.
  •  You will experience a deep sense of relaxation and expansion.
  • You will be able to live fully in the present moment.
  • And of course, you will awaken the healer that is sleeping within.
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