Sri Sri Rakkenho Training Program (Non-Residential)

28th June- 3rd July, 2022

2 PM- 8 PM IST

Mulund TOK , Mumbai

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Rakkenho is a full body therapy using the soles of the feet to slowly and gently press the body at different pressure points. It is a form of altruistic Yoga which aids well-being and enriches relationships.


  • The giver benefits as much as the receiver

  • Releases tension and knots in the muscles

  • Boosts immunity

  • Aids recovery from accumulated fatigue

  • Restores body energy flow

  • Stimulates the vagus nerve

  • Improves lymphatic channel circulation

  • Restores body flow energy


The Art of Living International Centre
21st Km Off Kanakapura Rd,
Bengaluru 560082, Karnataka, India

For more information     +916290417962

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