Meera Vanam

Meera Vanam2023-03-04T06:44:10+00:00

Heal in the verdant lap of Mother Nature at our Kerala-styled stay facility.

Spread across a lavish 26,000 sq. ft. property, Meera Vanam opens onto lush, green paddy fields. Overlooking a central courtyard with carpeted lawns and gurgling fountains, you can choose from Meera Vanam’s regular, executive, and luxury suites.

Meera Vanam’s Koothambalam, the wooden lounge, is an ideal space to relax, unwind and catch up on some reading from our book collection.

Note: Please note that as we are an NABH accredited hospital, we offer Reimbursement Facility for Medical Insurance covering (AYUSH Treatments) for In -patients staying more than 24 hours with us and also for Out Patient as Day Care Treatment (Subject to Individual Policy & Cases). For further queries or information, please write to: insurance.panchakarma@srisritattva.com