Back in 1992 when I first visited the Art of Living ashram as my sister worked here, I remember being awed by the mysteries and magic of Ayurveda. A couple of senior Doctors asked me if I’d want to learn therapies and serve as a therapist, that was the turning point in my life.


If there’s one thing I enjoyed unparalleled was learning new skills and eventually teaching it back. This was the perfect plan for me. The idea of being able to serve in the health industry, that too following our ancestral wisdom of Ayurveda was overwhelming to me. I wasn’t a highly qualified personnel nor did I go to the University, this opportunity was my stepping stone to a life of learning.


‘Abhyanga’ was my first ever therapy and till date we have guests and patients who request sessions from me. Frankly, being ‘in demand’ makes me a tad bit proud of where fate has brought me. Watching people enjoy their therapies and getting better gives me the joy that I would call ‘job satisfaction’.


Over the years, I became a trainer and taught thousands of therapists the Art of Healing. 

I enjoy the intricacies of these therapies and was thrilled when I got the chance to learn healing therapies from around the world like: Hillot, Swedish Massage, Rakkenho, etc. 


Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma is my home. In my other home, I absolutely relish spending time with my daughter Padma and my granddaughter Anana. I also like spending time with my tailoring hand-set. It must be something about the magic that hands can create I believe.