Paediatrics in Ayurveda, called Kaumarabhritya, is the most evolved science and one among
the Ashtanga of Ayurveda i.e. 8 branches of Ayurveda. It comprises of a detailed description
and great deal of wisdom, which helps the child to grow into a healthy individual.

According to Ayurveda every individual is different from others due to its unique constitution,
called Prakriti. Each of us have a particular combination of Panchamahabuta’s i.e. air,
space, fire, water, earth, and Tridosha’s i.e. vata, pitta, kapha. Ayurveda believes, one’s
Prakriti is established during conception and it remains constant throughout the life time,
which determines internal functions, body built, likes, dislikes, mental attributes, and habits.
Understanding the child’s constitution can certainly help as a preventive measure to
predictable vulnerabilities. It also helps in identifying their physical and mental wellbeing, and
thereby prior supportive care can be taken.
Vata in children
Vata manifests in children as light body frame with low body weight, less strength and
immunity. Irregular appetite and often constipated. Enthusiastic and creative, spontaneous,
learns fast and tends to forget quickly.
Pitta in children
Moderate build, and medium body weight, rapid digestion and metabolism, intolerance to he
and hunger. Sharp, intelligent and creative in nature.
Kapha in children
Robust and solid body frames, good immunity and strength. Digestive and metabolic rate is
low. Calm and quite in nature, compassionate, long term memory, and sweats less.
Proper Dinacharya for kids

  1. Consistent sleep habit should get adapted as children need more sleep than adults.
    Consistent bedtime at night and wake up time in the morning will ensure balanced
  2. Individual healthy eating timings and frequency should be adapted based on the
    prakriti. Chewing well while eating and not drinking too much water while eating will
    ensure proper digestion. Also avoid sugar, processed and packed food. Their daily
    diet can Include ginger, turmeric, black pepper, ghee, cow milk, amla, green gram
    and brown rice.
  3. Always encourage them to play outdoor games rather than sitting with their gadgets.
  4. Encourage them to practice pranayama, meditation and prayer before meals.
  5. Abhyanga i.e. warm oil massage, with virgin coconut oil or any medicated oil based
    on their constitution is good to improve a child’s physical body and nervous system.