Optimising Energy

Article contributed By Shruti Chaudarry Optimal energy is not just a lot of energy! Do we need optimal energy to go to the washroom? What is the optimal energy to [...]

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Osteopathy and Liver Health

Article contributed By Dr Siya Dessai Are you suffering from headaches/migraines, eye sight problems, oily hair/dandruff, white coated tongue, bad breath, sensitive gums, dark coloured urine, physical fatigue, insomnia, joint [...]

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Saptha Dhathu Vruddhi Lakshana

Article contributed By Dr Lijesh Vipanchika A tissue is an ensemble of similar cells from the same origin that together carry out specific functions. Multiple tissue types comprise of organs [...]

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Article contributed by Dr. Shubhaprada R, BAMS, YIC, Nadi Vaidya, Sri Sri Tattva Ati  Sthoola /  Sthoulya  IS  one of the main conditions in which there will be accumulation of excessive Medas [...]


Sri Sri Tattva Center For Holistic Wellness

In the past year we have faced many challenges, this year we look forward to peace, prosperity and good health. It is our endeavour to keep you abreast and [...]

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Monsoon? Ayurveda to the rescue.

Take care of yourself this Varsha Ritu. Ayurveda style The monsoon can be a speed breaker. It’s a season that automatically slows us down, giving us the opportunity to reflect, [...]

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Nuts for Proteins

Nuts get a bad rep because they are considered relatively fatty, but they are a powerhouse of unsaturated fat (the good kind) and protein. This means that they fill [...]

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