Health Tips

Dr Champavathi ENT Article

Imagine not being able to smell the breeze or enjoy a crispy palak pakoda because your nose is blocked, or your tonsils got swollen! Don’t let your [...]

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Dr Sharika Article on Hair Care

The most common hair concerns that varsha ritu brings are flakiness, frizz and hair fall. Ayurveda expert Dr Sharika Menon shares some tips about the whys and [...]

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Nutrition tips for Covid

Nutrition tips for Covid Article contributed by  Dr.Sneha Patel Ayurveda says that if an individual consumes wholesome food, there is no need to take medicines. If he indulges in unwholesome [...]

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Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa

Sri Sri Meru Chikitsa Article contributed by Dr James Stone and Shruti Chaudarry, Sri Sri Tattva Centre for Holistic Wellness, Nature is very clever. She has designed the human [...]

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Ayurveda & Hyperacidity

Ayurveda & Hyperacidity Article contributed by By Dr. Lalatendu Rath, Senior Consultant, Sri Sri Tattva Centre Holistic  Wellness , Bangalore Hyperacidity is known in Ayurveda as Amlapitta. Amla is sour [...]

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Shishira Ritucharya

Shishira Ritucharya   Article contributed by Dr. Shubhaprada R, BAMS, YIC, Nadi Vaidya, Sri Sri Tattva Shishira Ritu falls between mid -January (Maagha)  and mid-March (Phalguna). There will be seasonal [...]

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Article contributed by Dr. Shubhaprada R, BAMS, YIC, Nadi Vaidya, Sri Sri Tattva Ati  Sthoola /  Sthoulya  IS  one of the main conditions in which there will be accumulation of excessive Medas [...]


Healthy Diet for Diabetics

Healthy Diet for Diabetics Article contributed by Dr Abhishek Kumar. BAMS, Diploma in Panchakarma In Ayurveda, Diabetes mellitus is known as Madhumeha and there are two ways it manifests: excess Vata [...]

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