Shishira Ritucharya


Article contributed by Dr. Shubhaprada R, BAMS, YIC, Nadi Vaidya, Sri Sri Tattva

Shishira Ritu falls between mid -January (Maagha)  and mid-March (Phalguna).

There will be seasonal variations in the environment and hence in the body too. Seasonal discipline or Ritucharya is advised with regards to proper lifestyle which includes food, exercise and more.

By following Ritucharya, one can be physically and mentally healthy. Immunity also improves.

Shishira marks the onset of Aadana Kaala .

Agni will be activated due to the presence of a strong Sun. Kapha Dosha and Vata Dosha will dominate.

There will be more cold and dryness.

Diet Recommendations:

As Agni will be enhanced, one can partake of Guru Ahara or heavy food. Sweets, milk, cheese, ghee, rice and wheat products, jaggery, dates and other dry fruits, alkaline fruits such as amla and lemon. Warm water and ginger tea can be enjoyed.

Lifestyle Recommendations:

One should keep oneself warm by wearing warm clothes and by staying in a warm environment.

One should exercise regularly.

Abhyanga (oil massage) to body and head should be done regularly to avoid dryness. A suitable body oil or even coconut oil can be used for this purpose.

Parisheka and Snana. Warm water bath is advised.

Lepa (moisturiser) may be applied after a shower to nourish the skin.  Aloe vera cream , Kesar chandan cream, night creams, sun screen lotions may be liberally used.

Atapa Sevana. Exposure to early morning Sun is extremely beneficial.