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Panchamrut dessert recipe – Til Laddoo

No celebration is complete without laddoos! Thankfully we got the chefs from fine dining sattvic restaurant Sri Sri Tattva Panchamrut to divulge their method for making the traditional [...]

Panchamrut dessert recipe – Til Laddoo2022-08-17T13:49:24+00:00

Panchamrut dessert recipe – Mohanthal

Stright off the seasonal dessert menu of Sri Sri Tattva Panchamrut, this easy yet rewarding recipe will transport you to the Janmashtami vibes of Gujrat, and has been [...]

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Dhatu Sara Purusha

Dhatu Sara Purusha Article contributed by Dr Gayathri The most purified or vital part of a Dhatu is known as Sara. Sara can also be defined as the essence of [...]

Dhatu Sara Purusha2021-07-08T12:44:46+00:00

Lung Health

Lung Health Article contributed by Dr.Himanshu Tiwari Our lungs are the primary organs of our respiratory system. Both lungs are situated in the thoracic cavity, located in the chest on either [...]

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Winter Care

Brave the cold with our simple Ayurveda self-care tips This may be tough to crack at first, but do persevere! You will be glad [...]

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