No celebration is complete without laddoos! Thankfully we got the chefs from fine dining sattvic restaurant Sri Sri Tattva Panchamrut to divulge their method for making the traditional til laddoo which is both easy to prepare and delicious.


  • 250g black or white til (sesame seeds)
  • 375g organic jaggery
  • Half grated coconut
  • 5g cardamom powder
  • 25g coconut oil


  1. First, prepare the jaggery. Place the jaggery in a bowl and pour in 1.5 cups of water so that the jaggery dissolves partially.
  2. In a kadhai, roast the sesame seeds for approximately 2-3 mins on medium heat, stirring continuously until they begin to crackle and become crunchy. Roasting for too long can make the seeds bitter. Ideally, the white til seeds should turn from white into a slightly light gold colour. Pour this into a separate cool vessel.
  3. Pour the water and jaggery mixture into a clean vessel and cook while stirring until the jaggery dissolves completely.
    Let it thicken and bring to a boil. Then switch to low flame and stir until the syrup reaches the right consistency (thickness). When you check the syrup’s consistency from a spoon between your forefinger and thumb, the syrup should form one string.
  4. Before the jaggery syrup cools – in a fresh vessel, on medium flame, pour coconut oil and grated coconut. Then add the roasted til seeds. Mix properly.
  5. Now pour the jaggery syrup and mix till all the ingredients bind together properly.
  6. Apply coconut oil on a tray/kitchen table surface to avoid sticking and pour the mixture onto the surface.
  7. Let this mixture cool. When it is warm enough, make the laddoos.

Serves 500 grams (7-10 pieces)

Health benefits

Ayurveda hails til or sesame seeds for their ability to generate heat in the body, nourishing the immune system as well as bones, muscles and joints. Whereas jaggery is a great source of iron as well as an antioxidant.