Dhatu Sara Purusha

Article contributed by Dr Gayathri

The most purified or vital part of a Dhatu is known as Sara. Sara can also be defined as the essence of Dhatus (tissue) that provides strength and stability to the body. From birth to death, the genetic design of Tridosha, or Prakriti, never undergoes changes. As opposed to Prakriti, the Sarata of Dhatu changes from moment to moment. Variation in food, habitat, season, lifestyle can modify the Sarata of every Dhatu. If we wish to obtain good health, happiness, enjoyment, longevity, then we should pay attention to and try to maintain an equilibrium of the root factors of the body (Dosha, Dhatu and Mala).  The Sara-Asar condition of Dhatus affects physical and mental health. Charaka advises examination of the Sara of every Dhatu to understand the strength of the Dhatu as well as strength of the mind. In the Dashvidha Pariksha of Ayurveda, it has been stated that Sara Pariksha is one of the important investigations for strength. There are 8 types of Sara:

  1. Twak Sara
  2. Rakta Sara
  3. Mamsa Sara
  4. Medas Sara
  5. Asthi Sara
  6. Majja Sara
  7. Shukra Sara
  8. Sattva Sara
  • Twak Sara

Physical features: The skin will be unctuous, smooth, soft, clear, lustrous. Hair will be fine, sparse, deep rooted, delicate.

Mental traits: Happiness, good fortune, power, enjoyment, intelligence, learning ability, health, cheerfulness and longevity

  • Rakta Sara

Physical features: Ears, eyes, face, tongue, nose, lips, palms of hands, soles of feet, nails, forehead are unctuous, red and brilliant.

Mental traits: Happiness, sharp intellect, magnanimity, tenderness, moderate strength, lack of endurance and tolerance to heat.

  • Mamsa Sara

Physical features: Temples, forehead, eyes, cheek, jaws, neck, shoulders, abdomen, axillae, chest, hands, feet and joints are equipped with firm, heavy and 1ong looking muscles.

Mental traits: Forbearance, restraint, lack of greed, wealth, learning, happiness, simplicity, health, strength and longevity.

  • Asthi Sara

Physical features : Heels, ankles, knees, elbows, collar bones, chin, head and joints are prominent. Bones, nails and teeth are large

Mental traits: Enthusiastic, active, enduring, having strong and firm body as well as longevity.

  • Majja Sara

Physical features: Soft organs, strong, unctuous complexion and sweet voice, prominent, long and rounded joints.
Mental traits: Long-lived, strong and endowed with learning, wealth, understanding, progeny and respect.

  • Shukra Sara

Physical features: Charming person, eyes are immensely exhilarated, teeth are unctuous, rounded, firm, even and compact.
Mental traits: Having pleasant and unctuous complexion and brilliant voice, having prominent buttocks. Liked by women, are strong and endowed with happiness, supremacy, health, wealth, honour and progeny.

  • Sattva Sara

Endowed with memory, devotion and are grateful, learned, pure, courageous, skilful, resolute, fighting in battles with prowess, free from anxiety, having well directed and serious intellect and activities, engaged in virtuous acts.