About The Retreats

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About the Retreats
About the Location

About the Retreats

Prior to your arrival you are obliged to fill in an online health questionnaire.

Transfer to and from the airport is included.

 The nature and number of the therapies and activities may change depending on your Nadi Pariksha diagnosis. This is because our therapies are highly personalized, made just for you. All general treatments offered at the Center are available to you


Are non-invasive, effective and work from the inside out to rejuvenate your entire system.

Advanced programs

The scheduled Programs are advanced in their quality, but also cater to beginners and will bring a fresh perspective and outlook to your life as you shed away stress and negative emotions to bring about a new clarity and focus. And you will gain new skills you can incorporate in your daily life!

Ayurveda Health Diagnosis

The very first step on the road to health and wellness is an ancient technique – Nadi Pariksha, an in depth and very thorough pulse diagnosis that pinpoints exactly what’s happening in your system. Once completed, our Ayurvedic Doctors will put together a tailor made program suited to your precise needs. This program is all encompassing from therapeutic massages to a special diet which will be constantly monitored.

Medicines you consume during your stay at the Center will be provided.

Yoga and Guided Meditation

Our treatments are doubly effective because they are combined with daily meditation and yoga. The balance you will achieve during your stay and what you will learn here will ensure that this balance continues once you return home.

Personalized Menu

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma offers the perfect holiday for your taste buds. Our fusion cuisine will delight your senses whilst at the same time providing a wholesome, balanced diet. You’ll have a personalized menu plan which will be adjusted according to your needs.

Panchamrut, our multi cuisine vegetarian restaurant gives the discerning diner a stylish and relaxed setting in an open area with a beautiful view. While gracious and unobtrusive staff will pamper your every need.

Room service is available to you whenever you need it.

Recreational Activities

You will receive complimentary delights to make your stay even more relaxing and enjoyable.
An assistant is always on hand to guide you in all sightseeing you might wish to enjoy. Details are in each program description.
Tours in the packages are included. All food, transport and entrance fees are included in these tours.

Tailor-made Health Plan

60 to 180 Minute Massage/Therapies.

Your program is tailor-made to suit your body type and all ingredients used in therapies are freshly prepared using nothing but the finest ingredients. Organic herbs are hand-picked from our garden and freshly ground for you according to the instructions given by your Ayurvedic doctor.

We also prepare the finest organic oils. After each treatment any unused oil is discarded. Fresh compounds are prepared before each and every treatment.

A wellness coach is always on hand to monitor your treatments.

Our therapy rooms have been designed with comfort and style in mind. Ethnic hand carved wooden furniture and beautifully planned private bathrooms provide the ideal setting both for our customers and for the therapists conducting the treatments. You will find all the comfort and elegance you need, as you slip into your organic cotton robe and move from one relaxing therapy to another.