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Optimising Energy 1

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Program Content:

▪️ Learn techniques to instantly optimise energy
▪️ Experience the 12 stages of healing
▪️ Energise your immune system
▪️ Explore life in terms of frequencies

Optimising Energy 1: Optimal energy is not just a lot of energy! Do we need optimal energy to go to the washroom? What is the optimal energy to negotiate a contract? The Optimising Energy 1 course creates the best or optimal energy for each situation. The course teaches a few things that help us relax into our nature which will give the perfect optimal energy for every occasion and further, by practising these few things we will establish a new baseline of optimal energy.

About 6,000 people all over the globe have taken Optimising Energy 1. This 2-day workshop has been instrumental in opening up a dimension within themselves that they had not experienced before. Participants have a clear experience of 12 life supportive energies and have learnt techniques that they can implement to replenish these energies within.

Practice of these techniques have made their sadhana practices deeper. They have also reported that they found relief in various chronic conditions. A sense of  wellness is restored.  Fundamentally, this course makes you realise how having Optimal Energy impacts each and every aspect of your life and how within a matter of about 5 minutes you can alter your energetic state to lead a very fulfilling and productive life. Regular practice of these easy techniques will guarantee an upgrade in the quality of your life.

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Optimising Energy 2

Program Content:

  • Variation of stages 1-3
  • Techniques to help the energy move locally in the body
  • Techniques to release localised pain conditions
  • Techniques to relax anxiety and nervous tension
  • Simple resolutions for various sleep disorders

During Optimising Energy 1, you experienced that when life energy starts moving in all your different aspects, you feel bliss and belongingness. Part 2 offers techniques which you can utilise to move the energy locally. You can specifically address a chronic or acute pain condition so that the pain diminishes.

Day 1 includes variations of 1-3 stages of healing to get the prana to move in local areas of the body. You also learn some techniques that specifically help you resolve sleep issues and anxiety. Other techniques will help you slip into a very calm, meditative space in a matter of a few seconds.

 Day 2 includes 2 variations of a Pain Integration Experience which will help you relieve any pain for yourself, as well as for your friends and family – within 15 minutes.

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Optimising Energy 3

Program Content:

  • A fresh method of doing asanas that creates presence in the present moment.
  • We gain awareness of the mind in a tangible way.
  • We discover how effortlessly and quickly we can know our deepest nature.
  • Techniques to enhance various kinds of relationships and energy levels.

In Optimising Energy 3 we discover that life can be lived effortlessly. We experience that we can do less and accomplish more.  We also discover a part of our nature that is not recognised.

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