Yog Arogya Mahotsav, Kopargaon: a success story

“Prevention is better than cure” maybe a well used phrase but how many of us actively follow this mantra?
This is a success story of Yog Arogya Mahotsav, a Nadi Pariksha camp organised in Kopargaon, Maharashtra.
Dr. Ankit Krishnani, a volunteer in the Art of Living for the last 8 years, took over the organisation of this camp on the 7-8-9th of January, 2022.
Nadi Pariksha is a diagnostic technique through the pulse, which finds its roots in the 13th Century in India. It is an Ayurvedic technique that diagnoses people on the basis of the Tri-doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is more of a preventive measure than a solution to a disease.


In his years of experience as a Doctor, Dr. Ankit says, “Patients visit Doctors when they are severely ill and are looking for a quick fix to their problem, hardly anyone is interested in knowing where did the problem originate from.”
Nadi Pariksha focuses on the root cause of the issue rather than the symptoms, as usually done in allopathy.


The Nadi Pariksha camp in Kopargaon was the first of its kind in town. In lieu of the Covid 3rd wave battle, a great turn out wasn’t expected. There were around 50 registrations before the camp had started. Once the camp began, word spread around and we had on-spot 100+ registrations.
What happens in Yog Arogya Mahotsav?


Awareness of both mental and physical well-being is the key to good health. The 3-day event started with Yoga at 6:30 AM in the chilly mornings.
1.5 hours of Pranayama, Aasanas and meditation later, the Nadi Pariksha camp began, which went on throughout the day.


A word from the organiser, Dr. Ankit Krishnani.


When asked what made him organise such camps, he explained his firm believe that awareness about prevention is much more important than treatment. Diseases today are psychosomatic, it’s not just the body, but also the mind that causes diseases.
The on-spot registrations during the camp boosted his belief in this Ayurvedic diagnostic technique, he believes that with the right awareness, people will follow the path of holistic wellness.
No matter how many hospitals we build, treatment should never be our priority, prevention is always better than cure. A healthy body and calm mind is the only way to deal with the health crisis in India.


Sri Sri Centre for Holistic Wellbeing conducts Nadi Pariksha camps all over the country. We have a team of traveling Doctors and selfless enthusiastic Health Volunteers who make this possible. Organizers such as Dr. Ankit pave the way for such camps and make it possible for our team to reach more and more people and help them towards their healing journey long before they actually face diseases. That’s the power of preventive measures.