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Experience a breakthrough in your health!
Live life to the full, help others too.
Enroll for a unique 5 day Certificate Course for Acupressure & Acupuncture Training.
27 to 31 August , 2019.
Full day, Level 1 Course
Faculty Dr Shraddha Milind Singtamkar
Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma Physiotherapy, is conducting an exclusive 5 day Acupressure & Acupuncture Training Program.

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 Acupressure is an age old art of healing using pressure through the hand or other devices, on specific points of the body to stimulate energy. It’s based on the concept that life energy flows through energy channels or meridians. Any illness or disease is an outcome of the imbalance in energy in these meridians.

Unlike AcupressureAcupuncture uses thin hair like needles to treat the imbalance of energy in meridians.

Course highlights

·         Basic Anatomy & Physiology

·         Body Clock Science

The Circadian Rhythm is a natural internal clock which regulates feelings of wakefulness and sleep over a 24 hour period. It also acts as a way to communicate with a particular organ or meridian in the body.The knowledge of the body clock helps in diagnosis as well as treatment of various health conditions.

·         5 Elements Theory

The five elements together form a cycle of changing energies. When we are in a state of good health and balance, the five elements flow freely. Any imbalance can create blocks in the body, mind and emotions. Balance and harmony can be restored with the Five Element Acupressure technique.

·         Hand & Foot Reflexology

Reflexology involves stimulating and massaging different pressure points found throughout the hands and feet. It helps to reduce pain and corrects imbalance found in the internal organs that correspond with the various pressure points.

·         Working knowledge of Meridians

Meridians make up the energy network of the body.  Energy flows through these channels and is distributed throughout the body. Any blockages in this system caused by stress etc can be related to the cause of all health issues.

·         Pulse Diagnosis

The ancient art of diagnosing health problems with the help of the pulse. It is non-invasive and accurate.

·         Basic knowledge of acupuncture needles & treatment

·         Treatment protocol for common illnesses/ health conditions.

What else is included?

Course material, reference books & notes

Acupressure devices

Acupuncture needles

Hands-on practice

Camp experience

Healthy meals

How is this course different?

·         Easy to understand method of teaching

·         Yoga and meditation sessions for relaxation and rejuvenation. This will lead to better absorption of course content on top of all the benefits that meditation offers.

·         Take home self-healing therapy

·         Attractive interactive sessions

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Course fees Rs 20,000 + GST. Includes training and food. Excludes stay.

15% off for Art of Living Teachers. Rs 17,000 + GST. Includes training and food. Excludes stay.

For teachers, kindly contact us if you wish to pay online.

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