Relief From Sciatica – Webinar

Relief From Sciatica – Webinar2023-10-24T13:41:20+00:00

Relief From Sciatica

Date: 15th November 2023

Timing: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM  IST

Medium of Instruction: English/Hindi

Facilitator: Dr. Siya

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Highlights & Benefits:
What Is Sciatica?
Where Is Sciatica Pain Commonly Felt?
What Causes Sciatica?
Risk Factors For Sciatica
Sciatica Nerve Tests
Posture Corrections
Sleeping Postrures For Pain Relief
Scitica Exercises
Know About Disc Herniation

Open to all, except those residing in European countries. For Programs in Europe, please write to info@srisritattva.eu