Ramakant Sahu

A truant who’d run away from home to visit every place his bicycle could take him, Ramakant was born in Jajpur, Orissa. At 11, he was awestruck by the magnificence and grandeur of the Lord Jagannath Temple at Puri. Watching foreigners who’d serve selflessly and thousands of devotees eat at the Mega-Kitchen everyday, Ramakant knew he had found a purpose.
1. He wanted to excel at the art of cooking.
2. He wanted to walk the path of Spirituality.
Then began his spree of knowledge seeking from various Gurus and institutions. He studied Hotel Management from Green Fields College Of Catering & Hotel Management, Hyderabad and eventually found his way to Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma.
He first met Gurudev during the Art of Living, Silver Jubilee Celebrations and experienced the magic of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY). He practices the SKY religiously without fail for years now. His curiosity led him to research all about the Sudarshan Kriya’s scientific research, delving him further into it. No matter the challenge and last minute requirements of managing a restaurant in a NABH accredited Ayurvedic hospital, he is able to keep his calm and own things up.
“My teammates are my first family and my work is my first home” says Ramakant who feels lucky to have a wife who believes in the cause and supports him in every possible way.
“The biggest challenge in my industry is to live up to individual tastes which vary vastly”. Having served Rajnikant, Kiran Bedi, the MDH- Dadaji and endless more superstars and politicians, Ramakant is crowned the longest surviving manager of Sri Sri Tattva Panchamrut. We congratulate him for his diligent efforts and thank him for his wonderful services.