“Post-COVID conditions” is an umbrella term for the wide range of physical and mental health consequences experienced by some patients after covid.

Shortness of breath , tiredness or fatigue, difficulty thinking or concentrating (brain fog) , cough , headache, diarrhoea, insomnia, changes in menstrual period cycles are some symptoms one might experience post covid.

What we eat primarily dictates our health.
Kitchen is your primary pharmacy and spices are the best medicines.
Spices like Turmeric, pepper, ginger, Garlic , Tulasi when used in right quality and quantity in daily cooking can act as medicines and prevent infections.
With the world spiralling towards HealthCare as the most important parcel of life, one must not waste a single day not following a routine that ensures mental and physical well-being.
Ayurveda has always pronounced the importance of following a good daily routine, called the Dinacharya.
Our Dinacharya specialists have jotted down a quick list of daily activities that’ll help you recover quickly and fully post covid.
1. Wake up early in the morning around 5 – 5.30 AM.
2. Ushahpana: Drink warm 100ml to 640 ml water stored in copper vessel.
3. Mala mootra visarjana -Defecation and Urination.
4. Cleansing face and oral cavity.
5. Danta dhavana – Brushing teeth with astringent tooth paste or powder, tongue cleaning.
6. Kavala – Frequent Gargling with warm water added with salt and haldi
7. Mukha prakshalana – Further washing face with warm water.
8. Nasya- 2 drops of Anutail in each nostril.
9. Abhyanga- Oil application daily at least on head, ear and foot feet (sole), preferably whole body once a week.
10. Vyayama – Light physical exercise
11. Sukshma Vyayama (warm up) loosening exercises for all joints Sitting posture
13. Yogasana:
Yogasana in Prone position
Relaxing postures : Shavasana, Makarasana
Pranayama: Deep Breathing , Sudarshana kriya
Mudras – Shakthi mudra
Meditation : 20 minutes, Sahaj Samadhi meditation or guided meditations


You can simply boost your Immunity with:
 Ayush kwath
 Steam inhalation and
Sri Sri Tattva has formulated an Immunity kit specially to tackle the Covid 19 situation. Suppliment your diet with:
Kabasura kudineer
Ajamoda ark
Shakthi drops
Rejuvenation medicines such as Brahma rasayana and Chyavanaprash are great addition to your health as well.
A healthy Dinacharya and the right food can make the difference you’ve been waiting for.


It is rightfully said, “You either use time or time uses you” .
It is time we take some time for ourselves and make Health our priority number 1.