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Diwali Special Wellness Programs at our Franchise and Centers

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma brings you:

Diwali Special Wellness Packages

10% discount on every package! From 20th Oct till 15th Nov 2019

Please note:

  • Package cost is subject to change with additional treatments, services, and accommodation preferences(if any).
  • Medicines based on doctor’s prescriptions are not included
  • Our guests are requested to notify us about medical conditions including allergies and health issues before undergoing therapies or treatments.
  • A special note for women: Ayurveda strongly recommends complete rest during menstrual cycles. During this time no therapies or treatments will be administered. Pregnant women are advised to commence therapies only after doctor’s consultations, as the techniques for to-be-mothers’ differ from a regular massage.
  • Please note that Nadi Pariksha and all therapies need to done on an empty stomach. Please keep a gap of one and a half hours after a light meal (breakfast or lunch) and a gap of two and a half hours after a heavy meal (breakfast or lunch).
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