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Dwarka, New Delhi

About Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma, Dwarka.

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma at Dwarka is a holistic center with many offerings under one roof. It was launched in February 2019 and is one of the very successful franchises. Dr. Shweta both the Franchise Owner and Ayurveda Doctor is highly skilled and has completed her Clinical Ayurveda Specialization from California. The center has two well equipped en suite therapy rooms. It is furnished for all kinds of Panchakarma therapies and treatments including Swedana ( steaming). A well stocked ayurveda pharmacy within the premises  helps you get the right medicines easily. Dr. Shweta believes that Ayurveda treatments are truly dynamic and aides at resolving health issues from its roots. 

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma therapies embody the goodness and wisdom of ancient ayurveda. Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, the therapies are intended for the mind, body and soul. Experienced and well trained male and female therapists offer their services under the guidance for Dr. Shweta. The therapists are disciplined to practice Yoga, pranayama and the Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya daily. This is to ensure that the guests are provided with the best treatments by well groomed, sensitive and spiritual individuals. We offer only male to male and female to female therapies.

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