Article contributed by Dr.Lalitha Balaji

The word detox brings to mind something that’s always related to diet, especially since various detox diets are promoted through our media.

Actually, there’s much more to detox than meets the eye!

Firstly, what is detox?

It’s a process carried out by our body, day in and day out, to remove toxins entering our system through different modes.

This process of detoxification is carried out by main organs and systems like the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymphatic and nervous systems. These detox organs help to identify, kill and eliminate toxins. This process, when done perfectly, indicates that our immune system is functioning well.

We need to understand what these toxins are, and how they enter our body.

Toxins can come from a common household item like an unclean cutting board or through the environment (pollutants) or a lifestyle habit (smoking). Even consumption of medicines or certain normal hormones produced in the body can become toxic in overdose. Infectious organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites are other types toxins affecting the body. Excess or overload of emotions like anger too are toxic to the body.

Whatever may be the mode of entry, once inside the body, they cause many symptoms and signs like recurrent headaches, body aches, a bloated abdomen, fullness, hair fall, insomnia or chronic itchiness etc. 

Quite often, when investigated for the above symptoms, no major pathological problem affecting the body is found.

We need to be aware that if we take care of our detox organs well, toxins can be easily removed from our body thereby keeping us healthy.

There are various ways to detox our body like diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, sauna or sweat inducing exercises. 

It’s important to consult a physician before we undertake any major detox program as all modes of detox therapies may not suit everyone. 

Let’s look at one specific example of a toxin and a detox organ.

Detox in Corona times is very relevant as we know that the virus is a toxin which affects mainly our respiratory system. The pathology has been mostly seen in the lungs. Since it is one of the main detox organs, it’s important to maintain the health of the lungs. 

We are already familiar with ways to take care of the body from the Corona virus like wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands etc. 

Besides the above, we should learn to breathe in the correct manner as the breath is the main detox function of the lungs, eliminating toxins all through the day.

There are various breathing techniques, yoga postures, herbs, healing energy points and even healing instrumental music to maintain the health of the lungs. 

In the current pandemic, it is an integrated approach that has helped save many people from getting affected by corona. We are also aware that the solution to stem the pandemic is to get vaccinated – this will protect us from the adverse outcomes of the corona virus. If the corona vaccine has to work well in our body, it is important to strengthen the immune function. This can be done through all of the above mentioned methods. 

To protect ourselves from future major infections or ailments, it is imperative that we understand different types of toxins; detox organs and their functions; and how to keep these detox organs healthy. This in turn will help us lead a productive and energy filled life.