Birthdays & Felicitation – September 19’

Birthdays & Felicitation – September 19’

The way your employees feel is the way your guests will feel. And we want it to be incredible. Our
staff, go all out to serve our guests with professionalism and sensitivity. We try to match up
with their efforts in showing our employees how much we care for them.

One such effort was a monthly assemblage held on September 20, where the management
and the colleagues from other departments came together to celebrate the birthdays of those
born in September. Additionally, we acknowledged the ace performers across various
departments including therapists, Panchamrut, housekeeping, in presence of senior
management including Vasanti Iyer, R. Ramachandran, Nalinkant Vyas, Jaspreeth Bassi.

The whole atmosphere was pulsating with enthusiasm when the testimonials of our
customers were shared.

Moments Captured