Aneesh Anna, our head therapist trainer, is a man of many arts

Aneesh Anna, our head therapist trainer, is a man of many arts. Surprisingly enough, this is his 13th profession. Whoever says 13 ain’t good, this in fact is the best thing that happened to him.

From finding the love of his life, to discovering his passion for Ayurveda, Aneesh has spent the last 15 years here in Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma, healing and treating patients from all over the world.

In 2002, he first heard of the Art of Living and did the Happiness Program. In 2005, during Onam, he experienced the Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP), which paved a pathway for his life in ways unimaginable. He met Gurudev who urged youth to be a part of the Bangalore ashram to learn Ayurvedic therapy, Aneesh found his calling.

As a child, his grandfather, a Vaidya in Kannur, Kerala, had inspired him to dive deeper in this ancient knowledge and spread the word of Ayurveda. Here, in Panchakarma, he was not only living his aspirations, he also met his wife, Seena, who had already been working as a therapist here, even before he joined.

With the blessings of Gurudev and his passion for his work, Aneesh has treated countless patients and has trained and nurtured thousands of young therapists.

Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma is proud to have added Hilot Massage to our plethora of Relaxation massages. This ancient Healing Art of the Philippines was brought to us by Aneesh himself who had learnt it in the Philippines.

He is a photography and videography enthusiast and had practiced it as his profession for 11 years. A favorite among his students and colleagues, Aneesh is a gem of the Panchakarma family.