Acupressure is an ancient system of healing or treatment. It is carried out by applying pressure over certain points in the body with the help of fingers, hand or various pressure objects. The principle of treatment involves balancing the energy or Prana in the body. Although Prana is present all over the body, it flows through certain invisible pathways known as Meridians. The Meridians nourish various organs and harmonise the activities in the body. They are the energy channels transporting life energy throughout the body.

Whenever there are blockages, it leads to lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas. Acupressure helps balance the flow of energy and brings harmony in the system. Energy blockages can be a result of stress, injury, trauma, poor lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits, addiction, lack of exercises, etc. Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think and overall state of our health. When the body’s life-force energy becomes blocked, various imbalances arise from it. One of the main cause of illness or disease is overload or accumulation of toxins. Junk food, pollution, toxic chemicals, etc. have an adverse effect on the system where harmful substances interfere with cellular function. Chronic illnesses are often a sign of toxic overload. Detoxification has an important role in promoting stronger immune system, good health and happiness.

Acupressure can release deep tension. It also provides relief from pain in specific conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headache, migraine, digestive problems, chronic muscular pain, obesity, etc. By stimulating tonic points, Acupressure therapy heightens resistance to illness, relieves stress and sleep disorders and various other common complaints. It is hailed as an ideal tool for balancing emotions too.