The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinar

The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinar2022-04-14T07:26:20+00:00

Online Meridianology Workshop

Date: 22nd-23rd-24th-29th-30th  April  2022 & 1st-6th-7th-8th May 2022
Duration: 9 days
(Spread over 3 weeks | 3 sessions each week | 3 hours per session)
Timing: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST
Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi
Successful Completion of Hand & Foot Reflexology Workshop (Certified by Sri Sri Tattva Panchakarma)
Facilitator:  Dr. Shraddha Milind Singtamkar
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Open to all, except those residing in European countries. For Programs in Europe, please write to info@srisritattva.eu

You Will Learn:
  • Five Elements Theory 
  • Organ Clock
  • Yin & Yang Energy
  • 14 main Meridians or Energy Channels in the body
  • Common Points for treatment
  • Over 150 Diseases and Points
  • Know the Relationship between Organs and Emotions
  • Check the Imbalance in Chakras and ways to balance it
  • Yogasanas 
  • Meditation 

 Workshop Takeaways
  • Know about 14 Energy Channels/ Meridians in the body
  • Learn 450+Acupressure points along channels of energy in the body called meridians.
  • Unblock the Meridians using Specific Acupressure points on the energy channels
  • Know Remedial points for more than 150 common health conditions
  • Remove the Imbalance and Disharmony on an energetic level

  • Increased immunity. 
  • Balanced sleep pattern.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Improved digestion. 
  • Relief from joint pain.
  • Deep relaxation.
  • Maintain overall well-being & health.
  • Improved digestion.
Your Health is our priority.
Together we will pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle.