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Gut-Brain Connection Workshop

2 days | 1 and a half hours per day

Date : Sat 7 Nov to Sun 8 Nov 2020

Timing: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Medium of instruction : English & Hindi

Eligibility: 18 years & above

Participation Fees: Rs 1500 / person

Only for Indian Nationals

Facilitator: Dr Ankita Dehlia

MBBS, Masters in Osteopathy Diploma in CST & Neurokinetic Therapy.
Program Director at Sri Sri Center of Healing Arts.

The benefits of attending this workshop are immense

  • Make correct food choices for better digestion and nutritional assimilation.
  • Get to know diet and lifestyle tips to improve gut health.
  • Master an alkalising routine.
  • Maintain better fluid and electrolyte balance.
  • Boost immunity levels.
  • Enhance mood and emotions with better understanding of the gut-brain connection.
  • Experience deep relaxation.
  • Take charge of your health, maintain overall well-being.

This workshop will help you establish and nurture good communication between your gut and your brain to fire your neurons properly for better health, mood and immunity

For more details contact : 8975113711, 9342693414