The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinar

The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinar2021-02-12T06:11:06+00:00

Holistic Hypertension Management Webinar

Date: Sunday, 28th February

Timing: 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Medium of Instruction: English/Hindi

Facilitator: Dr. Ankita Mahale

An Expert Ayurveda Consultant

Participation Fee for Indian National: Rs 299

Participation Fee for International: USD 15

Open to all, except those residing in European countries. For Programs in Europe, please write to


•Learn how to balance your hormones with home remedies and herbs
•Hypertension as per Ayurveda
•Manage high blood pressure with
▪️Ayurvedic formulations. Learn how to prepare Ksheerapaka & Rasayanas to control high BP
▪️Home Remedies
▪️Breathing Exercises
•Reduce risk of heart and kidney diseases

Your Health is our priority.
Together we will pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle.