The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinars

The Secrets of Good Health ~ Webinars2021-02-14T09:40:28+00:00

Beauty Care with Ayurveda Webinar

Date: Sunday, 21th February

Timing: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Medium of Instruction: English/Hindi

Facilitator: Dr. Sunanda K

An Expert Ayurveda Consultant

Participation Fee for Indian National: Rs 299

Participation Fee for International: USD 15

Open to all, except those residing in European countries. For Programs in Europe, please write to


*Gleam & glow with your own homemade creams, oils & masks for hair, face & body.
*Indulge yourself with homemade manicures & pedicures.
*Treat post pregnancy stretch marks NATURALLY.
*Favour NATURAL cosmetic correction of scar tissue.
*Some more highlights:
• Make mouth fresheners with kitchen herbs.
• Dosha (constitution) specific beauty care for skin, hair, eyes, feet, nails + cuticles.
• Banish acne with herbs.
• Get rid of dandruff & other hair issues.
• Dosha specific diet, nutrition, herbal & lifestyle tips.
• Dinacharya, Ratricharya & Ritucharya tips for beauty. 

Your Health is our priority.
Together we will pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle.


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