The Secrets of Good Health ~ Online Workshop

The Secrets of Good Health ~ Online Workshop2021-03-28T10:18:57+00:00

Summer Special: Healing with Water
Online Workshop

Date: 9th & 10th April 2021

Timing: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM IST

Medium of Instruction: Hinglish

Facilitator: Dr. Divya Rangrej

An Expert Ayurveda Consultant

Participation Fee for Indian Nationals: Rs 1500

Participation Fee for Internationals: USD 40

Open to all, except those residing in European countries. For Programs in Europe, please write to


This webinar has many interesting tips to offer:
🎯Know how much water to have according to your constitution.
🎯Discover simple water recipes to correct your specific Dosha imbalance.
🎯Learn about seasonal water recipes to correct Dosha imbalance.
🎯Discover the benefits of metal charged water, sun charged water, alkaine water.
🎯Find out how to make tasty & healthy herbal infusions.
🎯Get immunity boosting water recipes.
🎯 Herbal infusions for:
Eye & oral care
Skin detox
Metabolic disorders
Aches & pains

Your Health is our priority.
Together we will pursue a healthy, happy lifestyle.