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Varsha Ritucharya for Female Health

How can women take advantage of the best that rainy season has to offer, while keeping monsoon maladies at bay? Read on to know what Ayurveda expert Dr Yamini Agalya [...]

Varsha Ritucharya for Female Health2022-07-20T06:38:21+00:00

Osteoarthritis – the Degenerative Arthritis

During Varsha ritu, air pressure decreases - increasing the chances of joints to expand. And the naturally aggravated vata in the body can cause dryness in joints. Osteoarthritis is the [...]

Osteoarthritis – the Degenerative Arthritis2022-07-19T08:09:52+00:00

Naturopathy for weight loss

There is no one shortcut to losing weight. Hereditary conditions and genes aren’t solely responsible for being overweight. We cannot excuse ourselves from the daily choices that we make in [...]

Naturopathy for weight loss2022-05-19T09:11:48+00:00

Mangala Akka

Back in 1992 when I first visited the Art of Living ashram as my sister worked here, I remember being awed by the mysteries and magic of Ayurveda. A couple [...]

Mangala Akka2022-05-19T07:40:55+00:00

DR. Deeya Baboo

DR. Deeya Baboo Seasonal regimes are about adopting apt diet and lifestyle modifications to cope with influences of the seasonal changes on our body. Following a seasonal regime helps to [...]

DR. Deeya Baboo2022-04-01T11:01:56+00:00

Ramakant Sahu

Ramakant Sahu A truant who’d run away from home to visit every place his bicycle could take him, Ramakant was born in Jajpur, Orissa. At 11, he was awestruck by [...]

Ramakant Sahu2022-04-01T10:38:53+00:00

DR. Shivani Agrawal

DR. Shivani Agrawal Following a particular regimen and lifestyle according to the seasonal changes is known as Rutucharya in Ayurveda. There are 6 seasons or ritu: Shishira Ritu – January, [...]

DR. Shivani Agrawal2022-04-02T13:27:30+00:00

Beat insomnia, invite home good sleep

Beat insomnia, invite home good sleep Ayurveda understands sleep as one of three pillars of healthy sustenance of life, along with Aahara (food) and Brahmacharya (conscious relationships). Sleep is an [...]

Beat insomnia, invite home good sleep2022-03-14T05:56:21+00:00

Yog Arogya Mahotsav, Kopargaon: a success story

Yog Arogya Mahotsav, Kopargaon: a success story "Prevention is better than cure" maybe a well used phrase but how many of us actively follow this mantra? This is a success [...]

Yog Arogya Mahotsav, Kopargaon: a success story2022-02-05T05:43:08+00:00